Frequently Asked Questions

1. I do not drive to people’s homes. Can I cook at home and have customers pick up food?

There are strict laws on personal chefs and catering. Personal chefs need to cook all items in the customer’s kitchen. If any of the items are cooked in your home and delivered to the client, you must obtain a caterer’s license. In addition, you may need a home work permit from the county and a home inspection to ensure your kitchen meets the specifications for food preparation.

2. I am not a qualified or trained chef. Can I still sign up?

Of course! Some great cooks do not have culinary degrees or training. We welcome chefs/cooks with varying levels of expertise. Whatever your level, this is a great place to be and a great way to make some extra money!

3. Do I set my own rate?

Yes. You set your own rate, and we highly recommend that you define a fixed rate for the customers. Customers need to know exactly how much they are paying and what they are paying for, so there are no surprises. Please view this video on how to define and set your pricing on your service offerings (or packages).

4. How do I get paid?

Payments are made by customers through our integrated Stripe app at the time of booking. Chef Mi Casa will pay the chefs within 48 hours of service completion through Paypal (Stripe payout for chefs will be integrated in next version of the app)

5. How do I sign up with Chef Mi Casa?

Please sign up using the “I am a chef” form on our website

1. How does the Chef Mi Casa personal chef service work?

Customers can search for chefs by zipcode, contact chefs through our messenger service and book a package with the selected chef(s).

2. What are the types of chefs I can find on Chef Mi Casa?

Chefs have varying levels of skills and experiences. You can book a chef assistant or a more experienced chef based on your needs and budget.

3. How much does a personal chef typically cost?

Personal chefs cost anywhere from $13-$45/hour (average $20/hour) depending on their skill level, location and type of service requested Source:

4. What if the chef I hired does not do a good job and we don’t like the food?

Chef Mi Casa does not take responsibility for the quality of chefs. We will actively seek feedback on the chef’s work so as to maintain the quality of chefs on our platform. A review system will be introduced in future versions of our website/app. Meanwhile, please email any reviews to We want to hear how our chefs are doing – good or bad! We welcome detailed reviews with photos that will help us manage our chef community.

5. What if we eat the food prepared by the chef and fall sick?

Chef Mi Casa does not take responsibility or liability for the food prepared by the personal chef.

6. Do you do background checks?

We will do background checks upon request. We will be introducing background checks for all chefs in future versions of the app.